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I am Santosh Panda - an entrepreneur and avid knowledge seeker. Have a look around 👉 I write blogs, share excellent curated content under knowledgebase, mentor startup founders, consult startups for product-led-marketing growth and run a newsletter.

Product-led-marketing Growth

I grew my startups from bootstrapping to $11m gross revenue, I had a series of challenges to overcome to become profitable.

We could get grow the business in a very frugal way by following the Product-led-marketing growth methodologies:

  • Excellent Product development & management process
  • Fastest Product Iterations (We iterated the product for 7 years)
  • Excellent Customer success process (Having 50+ score in NPS survey)
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Social WOM (We built a brand with WOM)
  • Customer Retentions (>65% customer retention over 7 years)
  • Referrals

I consult startups to help them in refining their process and setup Product-led-marketing methodologies.

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Blog Posts

Startup Mentoring

I initiated a "probono" mentoring network to support startup founders from India's 2nd/3rd tier city and also South East Asia. I could hear and guide 175+ startup founders during May, June and July 2020. We created a vibrant community called "Grittiest" (a WhatsApp group) to support each other.

I also support various VCs, Angels and Startup folks as part of their mentoring initiatives.

Here are some of the appreciations for my work: