Experts later, Connectors first & always

If you are starting up/started up, the common confusion a first time entrepreneur goes through is ‘validation of everything (s)he does’ like

1. Will this work?

2. Is there enough customers to buy my service?

3. How is the industry prospects?

4. Who are the big players?

5. Am I fundable/is my company fundable?



With a conventional approach, we search for experts i.e. somebody who has been successful/ seen as intelligent, or somebody who claims to know or startup gurus. Nothing wrong in it but loads of time gets wasted by trying to reach experts /getting enough ‘practical’ inputs from them or worst getting time from them. 

Experts might be good in what they do but they are equally confused to validate what you are proposing. Oops sounds wrong? No,its not. If experts were the only people who knew or could predict things, then Facebook wouldn’t have arrived or Sony should have done iPod/phone. Ask the common man, the connectors. Who are those, how do you find them?


Connectors are those 

–who knows bit of things across industry, 

–connected to variety of people/executives, 

–they are like migratory birds having info on several things,

–they know some of your customers/prospective customers,

–you see them in events, real life busy networking or helping others,

–they might have started up & failed(better) or succeeded(better too)

–those whom you think why the heck this guy not starting up(IMHO (s)he is the real connector)


Whether you are thinking of an idea, want to showcase your first prototype, looking for somebody to trial, or looking for an investor? ask the connectors.