Starting-up is non-social, Started-up is very non-social. Startup+ is social

Your Startup vision is so large & bright, it will cut you off from social engagements. For you everything has to be measured, time well spent and productive. But social engagements are not about productivity, its about life. However there is no time for you apart from rushing to get things organized, orchestrated, and executed. 

This will make you non-social. You are no more that guy/gal who used to join up for parties-movies-sports. You will be the last person to arrive for your brother-in-law/sister’s marriage, even after arriving you open up your phone/notebook etc to see if you missed some important info wrt your Startup 🙂 Forget about Holi-Eid-Christmas-NewYear, all is same ‘another day for you’. People will start questioning your addictive Startup nature and may feel you are least interested in relationships. You will be hardly in touch with your friends,ex-colleagues and be seen as a nerd doing something. You have earned your ‘non-social’ status.


Started-up is very non-social stage, everybody is now non-social for you! By now everybody would have known how hard your life has become, they see you pitching door to door/friend to friend for raising money, having lost the glory of your ‘high income-job life/savings’. You will share your mistakes which will be used as a yardstick to measure and early-assume that ‘you shouldn’t have done a Startup’. Your social circle will think ‘can I rely this person? will I invest in his Startup? let me not show my face for sometime-till (s)has some money, its high risk to keep in touch now…etc,etc. Your family circle would criticize you as you haven’t visited them for years, haven’t checked how well are they doing, you don’t know whose son & daughter these new born babies are 😛


Startup+ is social. This is a stage where you have stepped up +factors. You are making bit of money, name, visual proofs, social proofs, and some free time. You are back in friend,ex-colleague, and family circle. Now they are thinking about you and querying how well you & your Startup doing. They are helping you to build connections, write you open cheques if you need money, giving you confidence that you are on right track, telling you that you have worked/fought hard. You are now the new man/woman who has transformed to a new avatar. 


Welcome to the Startup world. Go through the stages and balance your ‘non-social to social to non-social’ status.

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