Why #unpluggd is a must go! What I got from UnPluggd?

During my early years of bootstrapping, I was literally the hidden some guy building a startup called ‘Ayojak’, two event organizer came forward to use Ayojak : ClubHack and UnPluggd. I had absolutely met none (face to face) in India’s startup community,so to break the momentum and bring the real customer touch, I booked flight ticket from London to Bangalore and attended UnPluggd 2010.


What I got from UnPluggd?

– I met several geeks, product engineers and Startup founders

– I met Mukund Mohan,Pratyush Prasanna, Ashish Sinha, Aashish Solanki & several others (the beauty is when you meet people in person, you build a feedback-support-comments-appreciation loop for your startup & theirs)

– Got excellent feedback for Ayojak from various attendee which was eye-opener for the baby Ayojak in 2010

– Got new ideas on how we could integrate Ayojak with various other Startups

– Even today, I am enjoying the fruits of relationship with several people from UnPluggd 2010


If you are building a product, already having a product, thinking about experiencing the real startup talk, you have 2 choices – i) go UnPluggd ii) go UnPluggd 🙂


Disclosure 1 : UnPluggd uses Ayojak, we get appreciation for good work and also strong comments if things not well. This post is to encourage people to experience the business behind product startups.

Disclosure 2 : I also love other Startup initiative events in India as each of them doing excellent work to grow the ecosystem.

2 thoughts on “Why #unpluggd is a must go! What I got from UnPluggd?

  1. Hi santosh,I have a question regarding payment gateways in India. I understand your current blog post is not revlevant to payment gateways.I am trying to understand the services offered by different payment gateways in India. For me, they seem to be charging very high and unreasonable fees for transaction. If I am building platform where buyers and sellers are exchanging goods and money, how can I pay 4%-7% of the transaction? My revenue model itself may not be a percentage of transaction. I might decide to have fixed price per transaction. I might decide to charge 50Rs per 10,000 transaction. But most of our gateways ask for minimum of 4% i.e 4oo Rs per 10,000 per transaction. How can anyone pay 400 Rs while making 50 Rs? Do our payment gateways differntiate whether I am the merchant or not? In my case, I am just enabling the transer from person A to person B.

  2. Indian payment gateways insist that you must get the 4 to 7% from buyer or pay from your pocket. Your kind of transaction fits into peer to peer /membership model where you could factor the cost and create business model around it.

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