The bureaucracy mindset effects on B2B Startup Business development in India

~4 years in business, 1000s of customers, crores of revenue making clients! Yes we are in an exponential business of ‘ticketing and event management’. But one thing that has surprised me to core is : bureaucracy effect /lobbying of groups in India decides whether you can serve (get their business)! Beware : If you have been reading too many success stories of silicon valley startups, your ‘B2B startup in India’ will fail miserably!

In India,

  • you have to be well connected
  • you must belong/find a relationship to lobbying groups
  • you need to make them feel they are doing a favour by using your solution/services
  • no matter how many testimonial/hard-work to prove, they have no value
  • value added service doesn’t matter, what matters is ‘cheapest service’
  • a single man standing can stop you entering the lobbying gorups 🙂 …as an Indian, I am sure you will know what this means
  • you will be called for several meetings, the intention is to slow you down and/or delay you, based on some silly things