Where is my songs playlist ? Give me a Songs Index DB

Where is your songs playlist? Are you sure it will remain there forever ? I don’t think so, here is why…

Each of us has a personal songs playlist that we love, we keep discovering great songs from others/via word of mouth/social sharing and several online music sites. I have had a playlist ‘notebook’ given by a friend which had top of the chart and not-so-top-of-the-chart but cute hindi songs collection from 70’s. I lost the notebook during one of my travel from Finland to India/UK to India trip (during 99s). That ended my access to great playlist that was handpicked by this friend of mine and his sister.

YouTube arrived on music discovery scene and we all had access to songs that we could remember and I felt we have a solution to go back to history and dig deep to discover music. I did like many of you created YouTube Playlist. So, we had some list in Music India Online, Smashits, Raaga, iTunes, recent Dhingana, Saavn, Gaana…

Sooner or later, I saw YouTube keeps deleting the songs that I added to playlist as that was uploaded by somebody whose account is frozen or illegal content or original music producer didn’t allow them. Other online music sites as I mentioned above have had their own lifeline (MIO, Smashits, Raaga is slowly getting outdated by Dhingana, Saavn, Gaana). This trend means none of us will have a ‘Master index’ of the songs we like on ‘cloud'( i.e. online music sites) will live for long. That exactly is the problem somebody should solve. How about a Songs Index DB like Amazon’s IMDB? It should

a. index all songs and point to master producer index or

b. allow user to create a Songs Index that list all songs (think excel sheet with each row one song listed), each song further linked to online music sites that user wants to hear from. This means I could index the same song on YouTube, Dhingaan, Saavn.

c. If any of the music sites run out of business, I have my own Songs DB that I could keep nurturing and not at the mercy of the online sites

How difficult is the above?


If you could help me reaching somebody who might have a handpicked note of all great songs (Hindi) from 70’s, please connect. I promise I will give you a Big Big treat 🙂


Why you should like your tough competitor

I read 2 awesome article last week, here are the snippets

[Outlook Business]
Many business experts use “war” as a metaphor for the strategies needed to compete in a global economy. The evidence is clear that the world is tired of war. When the purpose of competition is understood: to bring out the best, to produce excellence, to create better products and services, it brings to light a distinction worthy of our deepest reflection — the desire to win versus the desire to destroy. We begin to understand that without our competitors we would have no incentive to raise our standards and reach our potential.

Full article http://business.outlookindia.com/article.aspx?285121

[Richard Branson’s Virgin Blog]
When I made a bet two and a half years ago with Tony Fernandes about which of our Formula One teams would finish higher, we agreed whoever lost would dress as cabin crew on the other’s airline. Our first attempt was foiled by my skiing accident. The second was thwarted by the royal wedding. The third when our house burnt down on Necker. Well, a bet is a bet – so it was a pleasure to finally honour the bet and join the team in my beautiful new uniform on a flight from Perth to Kuala Lumpur.

Tony used to work for Virgin and it’s brilliant to see how he has built a thriving brand of his own.

Full post : http://www.virgin.com/richard-branson/lady-in-red

Can we disrupt India’s health care systems ??

Can we disrupt India’s health care systems ??

Recently my father was told by a Doctor in NIMHANS that he might have cancer! My sister and father were shocked hearing that. Somehow, I told them this is utter nonsense and this Doctor must be pissed off for some reason (I have my own reasons not to believe lot of rotten Indian systems). We went to NIMHANS to meet the regular doctor and she instantly said, there is no cancer and the other Doctor has a history of getting pissed off and not to read ‘patient history on handwritten notebooks’. I was proved right on how useless our system is (more than the Doctor who wished cancer), why such a large govt institution with backings of big corporate houses donating funds is so stuck in the past!

As an entrepreneur, I thought lot more can be done, hence sharing my rants ..
1. Patient history /record management solution : Could we ever centralise it ? Just one record per person ? Not a rocket science
2. Making use of technology to let patient communicate with Doctor (my father lives in Odisha and he has to travel to Bangalore every time to meet the Doctor) ..Can we get Narayana Hrudayalaya to help govt on how they use remote communication system with patients from far eastern states of India such as Assam etc.
3. The medicine that is prescribed are sometime not available in different cities. How about stock/variations info/data so that patient is not at the mercy of local medicine store
4. Open branches of popular medical institutions : go local rather than having everybody coming to Bangalore or Mumbai or New Delhi. I think few newer like Vaatsalya  are already solving this.
5. Why govt of India ignore betters infrastructure for health care !! No matter how many roti, kapada and makaan, those are not enough without a good health
6. Where is the grievance recording system in Healthcare ? Who handles it ? Why can’t it be made transparent?
7. Who is monitoring all these private health care practices ? Any report of who & how badly they are treating ?

The list goes on… on a positive note, there are lot of new tech startups also venturing(/ventured) to solve some of the above issues. Let’s hope our destiny will be better by few brave entrepreneurs out there.