Can we disrupt India’s health care systems ??

Can we disrupt India’s health care systems ??

Recently my father was told by a Doctor in NIMHANS that he might have cancer! My sister and father were shocked hearing that. Somehow, I told them this is utter nonsense and this Doctor must be pissed off for some reason (I have my own reasons not to believe lot of rotten Indian systems). We went to NIMHANS to meet the regular doctor and she instantly said, there is no cancer and the other Doctor has a history of getting pissed off and not to read ‘patient history on handwritten notebooks’. I was proved right on how useless our system is (more than the Doctor who wished cancer), why such a large govt institution with backings of big corporate houses donating funds is so stuck in the past!

As an entrepreneur, I thought lot more can be done, hence sharing my rants ..
1. Patient history /record management solution : Could we ever centralise it ? Just one record per person ? Not a rocket science
2. Making use of technology to let patient communicate with Doctor (my father lives in Odisha and he has to travel to Bangalore every time to meet the Doctor) ..Can we get Narayana Hrudayalaya to help govt on how they use remote communication system with patients from far eastern states of India such as Assam etc.
3. The medicine that is prescribed are sometime not available in different cities. How about stock/variations info/data so that patient is not at the mercy of local medicine store
4. Open branches of popular medical institutions : go local rather than having everybody coming to Bangalore or Mumbai or New Delhi. I think few newer like Vaatsalya  are already solving this.
5. Why govt of India ignore betters infrastructure for health care !! No matter how many roti, kapada and makaan, those are not enough without a good health
6. Where is the grievance recording system in Healthcare ? Who handles it ? Why can’t it be made transparent?
7. Who is monitoring all these private health care practices ? Any report of who & how badly they are treating ?

The list goes on… on a positive note, there are lot of new tech startups also venturing(/ventured) to solve some of the above issues. Let’s hope our destiny will be better by few brave entrepreneurs out there.

2 thoughts on “Can we disrupt India’s health care systems ??

  1. I empathize with you Santosh. Having gone through similar kinds of experiences myself, I decided to do something about it through in hopes to turn the industry on its head.

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