The crucial connectors in this entrepreneurial journey

Taking the opportunity to thanks to few more who are the connectors of this journey  during the crucial 2011-2012 : This journey got mentioned/featured in Economic Times :

Thanks to Ashish Sinha for being an early client of during UnPluggd 2010, I came to attend and get to know few people in Indian startup scene. There I met Pratyush Prasanna.

Thanks to Ramdas, my childhood friends for the support during 2011.

Thanks to Pratyush who went on helping in several connections and one of them was precious : Kishore Warrier during 2012

Thanks to Kishore Warrier who always stood for this journey & subsequent funding during crucial stage. During the same time when I had just met Rajan Anandan during 2012

Thanks to Avlesh Singh for doing an intro Rajan Anandan, also Ashish Sinha did connect during 2012

Thanks to Shivakumar Ganesan (@Shivku) for connecting to Karthik @Blume Ventures during 2012

Thanks to Ashok Kumar, my friends from engineering college who joined during 2012 to co-run this organisation 2012

Thanks to several rockstar team members who have more faith in this journey than I could wish for! The journey with continues.

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