I can be dead any day even if I don’t want to, so I gave up the fear-factor of death in Startup

Only after 18 months post-starting up, I realised that there is a game here, the game is : you as an entrepreneur is watched closely, just like in a cricket game  where as a batsman you score run steadily or you score too fast, you are expected to  loose your wicket soon!
During 2009, I first felt that I can be dead any day even if I don’t want to, so I gave up the fear-factor of death in Startup. We were told, there is  this XYZ[don’t want to name] and you guys are going to be dead.  Were I scared, honestly NOT.
During 2010, I was almost told by my parents to shut down and take that CTO offer I was getting in a Startup in London.
During 2011, some of my best friends and entrepreneurs thought this time sure shot dead. As another renowned XYZ  had just ventured into ticketing.
During 2012, many wannabe investors thought, this time once the  friend-family round money gets over, this chap is dead. Also another XYZ  has raised so much of money, who  can compete with it. But the truth is that,  the market is huge; what they are doing we won’t do, what we are doing, we always welcome others to do! No fear factor, you see!!!
During 2013, hmmm (will tell some other time) as expected we should be dead but why not yet! Btw growth is happening hugely.
All this while the best event ticketing/registration companies in USA were growing at 5x to 10x speed and inching towards billion sale,  my team had to prove that there is a market in India even though our  growth rate was 450% to 600%. 
The moral of the story is:
1. Entrepreneurship is serious life changing game
2. You can compete with anybody, there is a market (Ask, how on the earth, an one time fledgling telecom company could get so much of market share that was once dominated by bellwether!)
3. Entrepreneurship is not theory but complicated practical and any wrong step can take you downhill
4. Forget what your competitor does, do what your customer will like and in a meaningful way
Start and and keep driving. There are ways out there, people have money and if your team can execute well, there is heaven loads of money.