Get Connected, Stay Connected, Be Connector

Way back in 1997, when I had just landed in Bangalore and was studying post-grad in CDAC Bangalore to transform myself from an Industrial & Production Engineer to Computing; I & my friend Venki met Pradeep of previous batch in CDAC. We got connected instantly, Pradeep extended his support to guide us on fast-forward learning in CDAC and introduced us to Java. Pradeep was so influential on me in getting the basics right that I suddenly felt powerful in computing! Pradeep continued  helping through 97-98 to give us the 1st set of Java SDK from IBM by slicing some 20+ floppy disk that I & Venki carried from IBM to home and installed in computer.

Getting connected with Pradeep was one of the best thing to happen to me in 1st few years of professional life in Bangalore.

While fighting to get a job in 98, I got connected to this gentlemen of my engineering batch ‘Bhabatosh’ (had hardly spoken to him in engg college) & Bhabatosh was instrumental in sending my CV to Sonata HR. Sonata gave the flying start to my career.

Moral of the story: getting connected with people is a crucial element of ‘shaping your destiny and giving it a kickstart’.

However, getting connected is not that powerful if you don’t become the connector. As they say ‘pass on the tradition of supporting & getting supported’ : give & take. Getting connected may give you flying start but unless you are the connector, you will soon loose the charm and find that not many getting connected with you! There may be a thought ‘why should I connect this person, what’s my gain’. If you can overcome this dilema, you will be the gem of a person around whom the dots will get connected. Let me share one more.

I was looking for a freelancer web dev company in 2006 to develop one of my idea and that’s when I got connected to Sagar, he was running a top class digital web dev agency in Mumbai. I got my small piece of work developed through him. We kept in touch. Fast forward to 2010 : Sagar called me from India (I was living in UK that time) to ask if we will be interested in  IPL ticketing. I said, you must be kidding. Sagar connected me to some key member in an IPL team, we tried our best. Sagar as a connector went on connecting lots of dots.

Moral of the story,  be connector and see the beauty of your destiny.

Staying connected is hard, but that is the beautiful part of being social! Priorities change, life changes and most of us struggle to stay connected. The moment we loose the charm of staying connected, you loose the power of ‘getting connected and being a connector’.

Moral of the story : The ‘connected’ cycle must continue.

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