My 2013 : Good, Bad & Ugly

  • The year started with ‘investors’ trust and money in bank 🙂
  • Continued to live in Pune office building in a tiny room
  • Re-uniting with family was far from over (away from family for last 2 years)
  • Heavy travel across India, mostly NCR, working with team there.
  • Got into Microsoft Accelerator, the product & marketing team shifted from Pune to live and work under one-roof in Bangalore
  • Excellent time to live, eat, drink and work with team!
  • Finally after 2 years of waiting to change Ayojak name, we changed it to!
  • Delighted everybody around with a mind-blowing design (humble to say world class but it is!)
  • Finally after 2+ years, got my family to join me in Bangalore
  • Back to Bangalore fully! Thanks to my team agreeing to relocate to Bangalore. We decentralized the team, one team in Bangalore, another team in Pune
  • We got featured in Economic Times, CNBC
  • My son joined in school (for years, my family was worried that I am stuck for not able to get son to start schooling)
  • My younger sister had a terrible time with her family life
  • Struggled a lot to ensure her life is balanced while I was struggling to keep the Explara growing massively
  • Explara grew 632% for number of events (where user came on their own to publish events)
  • As I had no salary for several years as of now, the family (specially parents) continued to struggle for basic wishes.
  • Hugely appreciated by many people for the effort in entrepreneurship, at the same time got puzzled too
  • The year ends with a high note : from INR 2.5 cr sales revenue in 2012 to $ 2.5 million sales revenue run rate in 2013
  • Explara also started operation in Mumbai, that was long wish to operate from there
  • However, being an Indian entrepreneur focusing only in India with little fund – Fight continues
  • Welcome 2014 !!!!!

Wish You a Delightful New Year 2014

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