Being written off

Its tough to win all the time, tough to maintain the pace, form and score! This gets amplified when you are in the ‘creative’ business  ‘i.e. artist. I think, entrepreneurs are also one of those creative people. Oh yes!, some make more money creatively creating things and some make it by creatively selling it. For an entrepreneur, even if you are a proven one, it is so easy to be written off. In fact, it is good to be written off!

If you have read about some of the most famous entrepreneurs, they were written off several times in their career. Basically, no body has a inkling of what will happen! Some are blessed with intuition, some with perseverance, some with a nirvana mind, some with hard work and some are lucky ones! But no matter what makes us succeed once or few times will not remain with us (change is the only constant). Therefore, you are bound to be written off as soon as you start doing less than what you are capable of.

Though, this is better way of written off than getting written off even before you started your journey! Written off before you start is commonplace that you have to face during the journey. Its hard but its inevitable.

You will be first written off by your immediate circle i.e. those who know you for years/worked with you/ even family & close friends. The reality is that they don’t know your inner ambitions, ability to sustain adverse situations and what really drives you! As soon as you start showing little better performance, the market dynamics will change and you will be compared with imaginary competitors, best competitors and some-not-so competitors. This stage of being written off almost kills you! Several experts, industry stalwarts will announce your death in public /private domain.

As an entrepreneur, while building your startup, you will face innumerable such ‘written off’ stages during which it is easy to believe reasoning and give up. That is the stage where you should say ‘I welcome to be ‘written off’ but this work doesn’t stop here no matter what.

Caution: Though you must always take a realistic view of what your creative intuitions are and how will you  cope if being written off actually happens to you.

This random musings is an attempt to share my several years of non-stop pursuing to build startup after startups. The ‘third attempt’ to build the startup has also gone several ‘being written off’ stages but has withstood with massive amount of hard work, and frustrations but has grown every day!