There are questions that are so generic, I wonder ‘who could firmly say yes or no for such questions!’ Questions like ‘Can you do it, do you have the ability to become what you want to, has anybody in your family member been there-done that type, can you compete’, and many such generic questions.

No, I am not saying people should be stopped asking such questions but I mean to say ‘what is the point of asking such questions, whose answer is may be’. Unless, one wants to hear the answer as yes or no, what is the point of asking questions, whose purpose is not to let you try but hear ‘yes or no’, before one has even tried!’ None in the creativity process has ever happened by somebody knowing yes its possible or no it is not possible, but only with an inquisitive mind of ‘may be, let’s try’.

During first few days of starting up, many of my friends/ex-colleagues, family members thought ‘I should know the answer firmly a yes/no about whether this endeavor would succeed’. Let me tell you ‘I told I don’t know but if you insist for the answer to be yes or no only, then its yes’.

After some sort of growth, I happen to meet people who are supposed to be analyst, industry experts, number crunch experts and such. I thought at least they wont ask the same question ‘will this work?’ Oh my gosh, even these experts can’t tell but still insist a firm answer of yes/no. My answer to them was same, ‘I told I don’t know but if you insist for the answer to be yes or no only, then its yes’.

I don’t mean to say people asking such questions are stupid! They are what is natural part of curiousness, devil’s advocate, and assessment process to ensure they know where I am coming from. That is perfectly right and I respect that they at least queried.

But what I found slightly common among such questionnaire is to assume that if the best doesn’t know /don’t do what you are suggesting/doing, then the answer to ‘whether this will succeed, it has to be no’. That was an ultimate low to my ‘rebel’ mind! How on earth the best in the field knows what they don’t know yet! Yes, I agree there are more data & analysis for them to guide them to a finest future but with the logic, everything we see in world today should have belonged to some of the finest organizations of last decade/century? If that didn’t happen, then how on earth only what leaders do today will succeed & hence to be followed?


I refuse, I try my best, and I rest my case.