I will miss you Satheesh. RIP

Feeling down after hearing sad demise of my friend Satheesh.

I dedicate this post to my friend Satheesh. I will miss him a lot.


You were one of the first few entrepreneurs I had met during 1999-2000 in Bangalore. I saw how you had a ‘startup’ in a house with a small team. You had an impact on me that startups are hard things but its worth trying.

Bubbling with energy & passion, you could be first few Indian entrepreneurs who thought mobile and SMS could change face of India. This is in 2001 when India was starting mobile. You did well but when I look back, you were way ahead of the time and courageous.

When I was struggling on how to transform myself from remotely living in London and having my Startup & team in India, you were the only one who shared practical inputs to do it seamlessly. I can go on writing how much your insights has helped over the years.

When I announced that I am shifting from Pune to Bangalore during 2013, you were the first to call to query which part of Bangalore I will live and even suggested why not Hebbal.

Thank you for all your support.

I will miss you Satheesh. RIP.

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