Searching family tree branch in Myanmar

As my father shared his family tree (here), dating all the way to 1800s, I found an interesting branch which is missing from connects.

One of my great-great-grandfather’s brother (Ram Chandra Panda, village: Panada) migrated to Myanmar(Burma) for work (British India) during 1890-1900. He never returned.
Pananda to Yangoon

My father didn’t have the internet, now that we live in a super-connected world, I am curious to reach this family tree branch.

Here is how I am thinking to go deeper into finding this:
2. I will reach local connects in Myanmar via various of my connects in Singapore
3. I will contact the Myanmar Embassy in India to see if they have some data

I am sharing this on a blog here with a hope that word of mouth spreads and some connect let me unearth this. I might not succeed in finding it as it is 1890s.

Found some interesting history:
Burmese Indians:
The Burmese Indians who never went home:

If you have some connects in Myanmar and/or ideas, so share.

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