Work Less Philosophy

Work less:
A philosophy
An efficiency mindset
An optimized process

During a conversation with my team to set up a new operating manual, I shared one of my observation: I see this company is always working more, always busy even to have a weekly team meet or reflect on the past.
What causes us to work so much?

And that influenced my team to open up and say: Can we work less?
I think we should work less, and we should review what causes us to work more, solve those at the root level to work less.

To encourage work less philosophy and process, here are few interesting reads:
1. Tim Ferriss and The 4-Hour Workweek
2. How to run a calm workplace
The authors argue that it is perfectly possible to run a business with consistently growing profits (as they do) without requiring employees to work madly long hours. Tired workers will not be productive since “creativity, progress and impact do not yield to brute force”. Sleep-deprived managers are likely to be counterproductively impatient.

Basecamp employees have a 40-hour week, except in the summer when the company runs a four-day, 32-hour week.
3. Why billionaire Richard Branson believes everyone could benefit from a shorter workweek
“By working more efficiently, there is no reason why people can’t work less hours and be equally – if not more – effective.”

Work less: I don’t think one rule fits all, all roles, or all situations or all companies. However, I believe work less philosophy helps you to devise efficient mindset and optimized process, and in return, your team will have more time for their family and hence better work-life balance too.

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