Searching family tree branch in Myanmar

As my father shared his family tree (here), dating all the way to 1800s, I found an interesting branch which is missing from connects.

One of my great-great-grandfather’s brother (Ram Chandra Panda, village: Panada) migrated to Myanmar(Burma) for work (British India) during 1890-1900. He never returned.
Pananda to Yangoon

My father didn’t have the internet, now that we live in a super-connected world, I am curious to reach this family tree branch.

Here is how I am thinking to go deeper into finding this:
2. I will reach local connects in Myanmar via various of my connects in Singapore
3. I will contact the Myanmar Embassy in India to see if they have some data

I am sharing this on a blog here with a hope that word of mouth spreads and some connect let me unearth this. I might not succeed in finding it as it is 1890s.

Found some interesting history:
Burmese Indians:
The Burmese Indians who never went home:

If you have some connects in Myanmar and/or ideas, so share.

Tracking my Family Trees and fascinating history

Weekend chat with my father to hear fascinating stories from great-grandparents. We could go tracking family trees till the 1690s.

It seems his grandfather’s brother moved to Burma (Myanmar) during 1900/1910 and stayed back there. I am thinking should I try searching this branch of the family tree there.
My dad’s grandfather passed away early, and it seems his grandmother had to manage her well-being and her son’s (dad’s father = my grandfather) well being for more than 20 years. Those years were the hardest time of the family tree. And, my dad’s mom (my grandmother) played a similar role in managing the family well-being for 10 years.

My grandfather passed away early, and my father built the initial foundation for his family of 3 sisters, 2 brothers, and several nephews by taking ownership of relationship and well-being.

My father and grandfather were born in during British rule. Fascinating history on how Indian kings and British impacted tough times on villages by extracting the maximum from their farming lands.
Technically, I am the first generation in the family born in Independent India.
And, my son Sreyan is the first generation in the family born in Britain/UK, as an Indian.

The village awarded the great-grandparents & my grandfather an ‘Adhikary’ title as they were very good at managing fairness to settle disputes in the village.

I am keeping this post to a quick sharing. Hoping I am able to gather more and share more.