Industry problem-solving experience vs. Just programming language experience

During early 2000, when I was writing code for a product from Bangalore, my company was struggling to hire. The HR team was getting feedback that one of the factors was the company was not using the latest programming languages or software stacks for development.
During those days, one sentence I heard from that company CEO sharing: Technology is to solve problems, Customer pays for solutions and not for what programming language you apply to solve, as long as you are not using 1980s programming language and/or inefficient programming language.

Fast forward to 2005s to 2012 when I was coding in London as part of my job (full time/part time), I almost didn’t see this fascination with using latest and greatest language in problem-solving. Java was equally used, like PHP, or Ruby or Python but business was making the decision based on their need vs. using the latest languages. I am not generalizing this as India vs. others. But, the truth is most Indian software programmers are fascinated using latest languages as a skill to get a high paid somewhere else (abroad/in another company), therefore that behavior is ok for IT services, but that behavior is unfavorable for product companies!

I believe once you code using one language for 1 to 2 years, you can almost code in any other programming languages for application development. Core system/kernel level product development needs years of expertise in one language though (& multiskilled in more than one).
However, coding to solve an industry problem deeper enables you to apply much deeper logic and problem-solving mindset vs. just switching to a new language because that is sexy!

The world needs deep industry problem solvers, and, Product companies take years to solve a problem at scale and go deep using languages, and some produce the extension to those languages. Basecamp doing for Ruby, Facebook for PHP and many are such examples.

Industry problem-solving at scale is first, sexy language is second.
Build an excellent solution for the customer is first, using sexy language for the solution is second.

Be Problem-solving experienced engineers any day.

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