Founder Learning

Founder Learning


Welcome! I run a newsletter on Substack called 'Founder Learning'. You may be interested to know more about it.

I share my learnings to help you startup and run your business efficiently and profitably.

Having started up during 2005, 2006 and 2007 while I had a day job in eBay UK, I know how hard it is to Bootstrap. It was very early to start during those years when the concept of angel funding or mentoring was not available or applicable to startups.

Through my newsletter, you will learn how to startup, raise fund (customer/VC), run business efficiently and profitably.


Why am I so sure you will have practical learning from my newsletter?

  1. Having started up during 2005, 2006 and 2007 while I had a day job in eBay UK, I know how hard it is to Bootstrap! I will share practical tips and 1-1 ideas to help you.
  2. Started a company in India while living in London and grew the business from 0 to $1m gross revenue. I was the "CEO", operating remotely during 2008-2011. I will share how to build remote teams.
  3. Raised fund from the marquee angel investors and VCs and could retain their trust and faith for years. I will share ideas how/when to raise funds and if your execution is super, I won't mind an intro to angels.
  4. I struggled for years with loss-making due to the commodity-market and stiff competitions. I will share how to choose a market and what not to do!
  5. I expanded my business to South East Asia and could transform my business from a commodity software to an enterprise high-value product. I will share how you should explore markets and re-align your products.
  6. I never had issues in hiring while growing my startup to 40+ team members. I can easily share a word about you with my huge network. I am generally passionate about connecting quality people.
  7. I am sharing my learnings while I re-learn and fine-tune my approach for my upcoming startup. 🤔 You will learn practical and useful topics.
  8. I am appreciated as a resourceful and high-networked entrepreneur. We will expand the network together.


You are most welcome to Subscribe to my newsletter - Founder Learning